I Understand That There Are Several Web Sites Out There
Telling You, The Consumer, Not to Purchase From R & R.
I Cannot Help But Wonder Why.
Could It Be Because We Will Not Lie To You, That We Are
Considerably Less Expensive, And So Much More Knowledgeable
Than These Fly By Night Outfits.
Our 41 Years Of Being In This Business At This Location Speaks For Itself.
We Serve The Entire Globe For Their Radio Needs
In Sales & Repairs.
Peaking & Clipping A Radio Or Copying Our Work Does
Not Make You A Radio Technician.

It Has Been Brought To Our Attention That
Fire Communications, CB Retards & Circus Mobile Or Bozo Communications
(Would You Want A Clown Or A Retard Working On Your Radio?),
 Sparkys, Radio Active, & Maul Droppers.
Have Been Bad Mouthing Our Good Reputation.
Lets Talk About These So-Called CB Radio Shops.

These Shops Would Like Nothing Better Than To
Tarnish Our Good Name.
 None Of These Shops Have
First Or Second Class Radio Telephone Licensed
Technicians.  Not Ham Operators  Who Can
Only Work On Their Own 10 Meter Equipment,
Nor Self Taught Garage Mechanics
 Or Truck Stop Mechanics As Well.

These People Are Jealous Of The Work That R & R
Performs.  These Are The Same People That Do Not Have
The Knowledge Or Capabilities As R & R.
These Same So-Called Radio Shops Are The Same Ones
That Bad Mouth Us To Cover Up Their Own
Incompetence, Because They Cannot Do
This Type Of Work.

Do You See These Shops Having Licensed Technicians
Doing Warranty Work For The
Major Radio Manufacturers?  Ask Your Own Shop.
Have Any Of These Shops Done Radios That Have Won
Trophies In The Real World In And Outside The USA?

Our Work Has Been Shipped All Over The World,
Australia, Japan, Spain, South America, Bermuda, Dominican Republic,
Germany, Canada, Hawaii, Kuwait, England, Ireland, Barbados, Italy, Etc.

So I Say To These So-Called Radio Shops,
 Go Back To School, Get Your Degree, & License And
Stop Badmouthing Others.
I Put All Of These So Called Radio Shops On Their Own Black List
Because Of Their Complete Incompetence, Their Total Lack Of
Knowledge Of Electronics, Total Misuse Of The Internet,
And Their Lack Of Compassion For The Customer.

Let Me Say A Few Words About 'CB Retards' ( The Name Says It All).
On Their Web Site They Show A Few Pictures Of Our
12 Watt Dead Key, And Try As They May, Attempt To Point
Out Particular Components That We Use For This Work.
Their Attempt To Badmouth This Work Really Amazes Me
Because The Components They Are Pointing To And Attempting
To Describe Are Totally Wrong.  These Guys Don't Even
Know A Resistor From A Capacitor Or A Capacitor From
Other Electronic Components.

These Are The Same Shops Who Try To Copy Our Work.
These Same People State That Our Dust Kits Cause Harm To Your Radio.
I Can Assure You That This Is Totally Untrue.
We Guarantee Each & Every Kit We Install Whether It Be The
Dust Kits, Speech Processor, 12 Watt Dead Key, Sounds Etc.
If You Have Or Had A Problem With Any Of Our Work
Come To Us And We Will Do Our Best To Rectify The Problem.

Thank You For Hearing Me Out.  I Don't Make It A Habit Of
Bad Mouthing Any Radio Shop As We Are All Hear To Make A
 Living By Serving Our Customers With Complete Honesty
Reliability, Service, Commitment, & Last But Not Least
The Best Prices.

Buying merchandise from us is like buying Oats....
if you want nice clean fresh Oats
you must pay fair price.  If on the other hand
you want Oats that have already been through
the horse, then the price would be
considerably less.