Cobra 29LTDBT Classic

29 LTD BT with Bluetooth® Wireless Technology

Cobra is giving professional drivers one more way to communicate safely and easily with the first-ever CB radio with Bluetooth technology - the new 29 LTD BT. The Bluetooth feature allows drivers a better way to have phone conversations on the road because calls from a mobile phone are synched with the CB radio. A noise canceling microphone allows calls to be heard loud and clear, even over a noisy engine. Incoming audio is routed through the radio's 5-Watt CB speaker making it easy for the driver to hear the caller. The unit also provides one-touch Bluetooth operation, giving drivers the ability to stay focused on the road by answering and terminating calls with the push of one button. An auto-redial feature also allows for one-touch redialing of the last number called.

The new unit offers 4 Watts AM RF power output, the maximum amount of power allowed
by law; Talk Back controls allowing drivers to adjust the desired amount of modulation talk back;a Blue Channel indicator displaying channel selection in cool blue illumination;
and Delta Tune which is used to clarify incoming signals. The 29 LTD BT is redefining
the CB radio!

   *SWR Calibration Allows calibration of antenna system for maximum performance.
   *9 Foot Microphone Cord For easy reach within any area of the vehicle.
   *Front Microphone Connector Allows convenient installation to be in dash or under dash.
   *Adjustable Dynamike Boost Dynamically boosts microphone for increased voice clarity.
   *Tactile Controls Allows you to actually feel where the dial is in it's rotation without taking
      your eyes off the road.
   *PA Capability Use CB radio as a Public Address System with PA speaker. Receive signals
     can also be monitored through PA.
   *RF Gain Adjusts receive gain in weak and strong signal areas.
   *Switchable Noise Blanker For increased noise reduction.
   *Dimmer Control Adjusts brightness of the front panel, channel display and signal strength
   *4 Watts AM RF Power Output The maximum allowed by law.
   *Antenna Warning Indicator Illuminates when antenna needs checking.
   *Instant Channel 9 Instant access to emergency channel 9
   *Delta Tune Used to clarify incoming signals.
   *Talk Back This control is used to adjust the desired amount of modulation talk back that
      is present at the speaker during transmit.
   *Blue Channel Indicator Displays channel selection in cool blue illumination.
   *Bluetooth® Wireless Technology  Allows you to make and receive phone calls through
      the CB  radio with most Bluetooth phones.
   *One-Touch Bluetooth Operation Allows answering and terminating call with a push of
      a button.
   *Loud and Clear Incoming Audio Phone calls are heard through the 5 watt CB speaker.
   *Noise Canceling Microphone Allows crystal clear communication in a noisy environment.
   *Auto Redial One-touch redial of last phone number dialed.