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Raise your driving intelligence with the all-new PASSPORT iQ™
The world's first and only automobile accessory that integrates: state-of-the-art radar/laser detection,
speed camera and speed limit information, 3D GPS navigation, and more, to protect you from unwanted
tickets and guide you safely to your destination.

PASSPORT iQ™ Detector View
Multiple screens track and display up to four different radar signals. You can also manage alerts and
mark speed traps or safety camera locations for future reference.

View your current location and route on a map. You can also manage alerts and mark speed traps or safety
camera locations for future reference. Map view will also provide speed trap and camera icons directly
on the map. Radar and laser alerts are shown in the lower left corner with a corresponding bar graph

Web Ready
The PASSPORT iQ can be easily updated using your computer and the power of the internet.
Simply connect your PASSPORT iQ to your PC (Software updates will require an updated PC
running XP, Vista or Win 7), log on to our website, and download the most up to date locations.
You can even back up your data or update the detector's operating software (firmware), if needed.
The database is updated weekly, and Escort provides 90 days of downloadable updates for free.
DEFENDER® Database Subscriptions are also available to keep you up to date on future Speed Traps,
Red Light Cameras and Speed Cameras.

Device Controls and Features
PASSPORT iQ delivers extreme long-range warning on all radar bands, including X, K, Superwide Ka
and instant-on Pop modes. Multiple front and rear laser sensors provide 360-degree laser protection,
including the widest field of view.

Power Switch: Switches PASSPORT iQ on or off, or locks the screen

Charge Light: Red-Unit is plugged in, and battery is not fully charged Alternating Red and Green-Battery
is almost completely charged Green-Battery is completely charged

LCD Screen: 5" touch-sensitive screen

USB Port: Used only for connecting PASSPORT iQ to your PC or laptop to download software updates
or charge the battery (Software updates will require an updated PC running XP, Vista or Win 7, or
Mac on OS 10.6, 10.7, or 10.8)

Reset Button: Press to reset the device if unit stops responding

Power Jack (telephone-type jack): For connecting your SmartCord® to power PASSPORT iQ with
your vehicle's battery

Audio (Earphone) Jack: For connecting 3.5 mm mono earphone

SD Port (Micro): For adding future map updates

Alert Light: For indicating radar or laser alerts

Rear Laser Lens: For receiving laser alerts

Audio Speaker: For audible alerts and voice prompts

External GPS Port: Accepts external GPS device for improved reception

Mount Release Button: For conveniently releasing PASSPORT iQ from the windshield mount

Front Laser Lens: For receiving laser alerts (ensure clear view of road ahead)

Radar Antenna: For receiving radar alerts (ensure clear view of road ahead)

PASSPORT iQ™ boasts the following state-of-the-art performance and features:

Personal navigation system comes complete with Navteq mapping, branded points of interest,
   speed limit data, and lane assist.

AutoLearn™ feature automatically learns and rejects false radar sources based on exact
   location and frequency.

New proprietary threat-signal ranking (TSR) software intelligently sorts, ranks, and rejects
   traffic-flow monitoring false alarms automatically.

New one-touch emergency response button.

New enhanced graphics and customer interface.

Cruise Alert feature offers modified radar alerts within specified speeds.

Defender® Database stores thousands of red-light and fixed-position speed cameras
   throughout North America.

Revolutionary AutoSensitivity™ mode provides real-time radar performance based on vehicle
   speed, plus Highway and Auto No X settings.

Mark Location feature allows you to instantly "mark" known speed traps, cameras and other
   places of interest.

Exclusive SpecDisplay™ provides actual numeric frequency for any radar signal.

Selectable radar and laser bands allow you to customize which bands are monitored.

Exclusive SmartCord® for easy access to Mute and TrueLock™ features.

The SmartCord® is a special power cord with a power-on indicator (which only lights up when
PASSPORT iQ is turned on), a bright LED alert light that warns of radar or laser, and a mute
button right on the plug for convenient access to PASSPORT iQ's Mute and TrueLock features.
 It's perfect for any car where reaching the device's mute button on the windshield is a stretch.