We Honor The 2 Year Warranty!

 The Original RoadKing(R)
- C4 The Perfect Match Crystal Clear Communication
- Front Panel 2.1 Amp USB Port to Use and Charge Your Portable Devices
- Noise-Canceling Classic RK56 CB Microphone with Chrome Grill
- Backlit Control Knobs with Two Settings
- SWR Calibration is Set to the Perfect Match
- RF Gain Reduce Sensitivity to Distant Noise and Signals that are too Weak
- Squelch Control Eliminates Background Noise
- Front Panel 4-Pin CB Microphone Connector
- Antenna Warning Indicator Alerts of a Problem with the Antenna System

The original RoadKing (R) has been around since the creation of the interstate, over 50 years! We understand the unique needs of today's professional
drivers and what they look for in mobile communication tools - a Crystal Clear CB Communication. Our radio and microphone are matched
specifically to eliminate static filled communication, all from one expert source. Add the Wilson T-2000 antenna and the
Wilson 97% shielded coaxial cable to get the perfect match. Quick set-up and easy tuning, the C4 System immediately
 provides maximum efficiency and highest gain.

12 watt dead key compatable!!