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It happens to us all - loss of a part. Sometimes it can be a nightmare identifing and finding the part number that you need. To ease your search for the missing part, we have included these "Parts Identification Charts" with the information required to obtain the part.
Wilson Base Load Parts Identification
W-1000 & W-5000
Wilson Base Parts Identification

Magnetic Mount Parts Identification
The following parts apply to both the W-1000 and W-5000 Magnetic Mount assemblies.

Wilson Mag Mount Parts Identification
Special Notes for above Magnetic Mount:

Magnet Cover: W-1000 Black: Part #880-900108B
Magnet Cover: W-1000 White: Part #880-900108W
Magnet Cover: W-5000 Black: Part #880-9001XX.

Coaxial Cable: W-1000 Black: Part #880-900412B
Coaxial Cable: W-1000 White: Part #880-900412W
Coaxial Cable: W-5000 Black: Part #880-200178

Trucker Series Parts Identication
Wilson Trucker Parts Identification

Fiberglass Series Parts Identication
Wilson Fiberglass Parts Identification