Maco® Asteroid
We are pleased to announce the release of the all new Asteroid
antenna. This is a high performing, dual polarity beam that is sure to
impress. Boasting 10 elements, 5 vertical and 5 horizontal, it is mounted on
a 26’ boom, 2" OD and features a multiscreen reflector. The Asteroid can be tuned for 10 or 11 meters.
It has 11.84 sq ft of wind load and weighs in at 45 pounds.
Gain: 15.5 dB
Front to Back Separation: up to 40 dB
Power Multiplication: 40X
Turning Radius: 16ft.
Wind Load: 11.84 sq ft.
Wind Survival: 90mph
Front To Back Separation: up to 40dB
Power Multiplication: 40*
Power Handling: 2KW With the Stock 2kw Gammas.
Upgradable To 5, 10, 30 KW
Tuning: 10 & 11 Meters
Weight: 45lbs
UPS Shippable
Maco® Asteroid