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The Installation Of The 14 Watt Dead Key
Will Enable Your Radio To Dead Key 14 Watts With Forward Swing-- Guaranteed--
On A Bird Watt Meter Not Modified With the P.E.P. Kit.
(The Industry Standard For Watt Meters)
This Is Not A Kit And Must Be Installed Here At The Shop.

We Can Also Add A Variable Control To Your12 Watt Dead Key.
This Will Enable You To Vary The Output Power
From .5 To 14 Watts.
(The low end is adjustable from inside the radio)

The 14 Watt Dead Key Will Work On All
Cobra 25's & 29's, 29LXLE, 29ARMY,
29 Chrome & Black Chrome
Uniden PC 66's, 68's, 76's, 78's
And The Newer Cobra's & Unidens.


Lets Talk About Swing Kits.
Swing kits or whatever other name some rip-off outfit chooses to name these devices is total junk pure and simple.
Before we discuss swing kits in further detail lets talk about meters.
A power meter is a device that measures output power of your radio among other readings i.e. SWR, etc.
For this conversation we are only interested in output power.  There are many manufacturers of meters available but the only true and the most accurate meter is the Bird.  The Bird meter is the industry standard for measuring transmitting power of two-way radios.  All other meter manufacturers use the Bird meter to align there own meters.

Swing Kits, when installed, do not increase modulation and forward swing.  In effect swing kits lower the radios output power to about 1 watt.     This same method can be accomplished by detuning your radio's output power to about 2 watts.  Most so-called radio shops charge a fee for the Swing kit scam.  The parts for a swing kit consist of a resistor and a capacitor about $2.00 in parts the rest is labor rip-off. These parts, when installed, reduce the voltage to the driver transistor thereby lowering the output power.

Most AM CB radios, when tuned for maximum output power,  will swing backwards on a Bird meter.  This is as true a reading as you can get.  Unlike the Bird meter all other meters will swing forward giving you a false reading.

We here at R & R Communications do not believe in 1 watt carriers with fake swing.   Our Modification, called a 12 watt dead key, is not, I repeat, not a swing kit, but 100% better.  The 12 watt dead key is just that, 12+ watts of dead key power with forward swing on a Bird meter.  This 12 watt dead key can be installed on such radios as the Cobra Uniden, and Midland AM radios only.  The installation of this kit requires some modification to the final circuits.  The charge for this service is $65.00 and includes the labor and all parts and is fully guaranteed in material and workmanship and forward swing on a Bird meter. This 12 watt dead key will not harm your radio in any way.

We can also install a variable control in your 12 watt dead key system.  Example: 1 watt to 12 watts dead key with no loss of swing from the highest power to the lowest power weather you key 1 watt and swing to 15 watts on a Bird or key 12 watts and still swing to 15 watts on a Bird meter.  If installed we can set your low power end anywhere you want.  The advantage of the variable power control is for the person who wants to run a low drive linear.  The total cost for the 12 watt dead key with variable is $95.00.

If you want a true swing with out the 12 watt dead key and no external variable control we will add the control internally and set the power to about 3 watts or wherever you prefer and let the radio swing its butt off!!  The total cost for this is $75.00

Our 12 watt dead key, including all 3 versions have won many key downs and other contest around the WORLD!!!!!
The Above Prices Are Good If The Radio Is Purchased Here.
If The Radio Was Purchased Elsewhere Add An Add'l $20.00

MONDAY..............5PM TO 7PM

AT   1-302-475-1351.