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Dustin's Competition Cobra 29's


Variable From .5 To 18+ Watts RMS ( Bird Model 43 No PEP Kit )
             --Low end is adjustable from inside the radio. (see link for picture and description)
18+ Watts PEP True Forward Power
( Bird Model 43 No PEP Kit )
130% Modulation With No Drop Off --Tested With A 1khz Tone @ 1 Minute ( Hickok Analyzer )
Added: Heatsink On Audio IC ( Thermasink Heatsink - Cools Audio IC )
10,000uf 25volt Electrolytic Capacitor on DC Jack (Filters DC Line )
Every Radio goes through a full realignment of the PLL, VCO, Receiver and Meter adjustment. Tested on 2 different work stations.

2 Year Warranty Labor & Parts ( Dustin & R&R Communications, Inc.)
            The Warranty Excludes the final transistor. (est. $10.00 for trans)
            This is due to end users applying 18-24 volt dc or a improper swr between radio and amplifier.
            The Warranty Also Excludes Shipping Charges To and From R & R Comm. (Est. $10.00-$15.00)

"Fat Boy" Approved Competition Radio (www.chargercharger.com)
"Carl Built" Approved Competition Radio (www.xforceamps.com)
"Dave Made" Approved Competition Radio (no web site)
  Used By Many Top Keyers and Other CB'ers around the world.

This Competition Set-Up can also be done to the Cobra 25LTD and comparable Uniden Models.
Total cost of the 18 watt dead key with variable power is $120.00 complete. Single or Dual Control.
If you do not want a external variable power control, the cost of the 18 watt dead key is $80.00
The variable is a additional $50.00
I can also add a dual control with knobs to match the radio's cosmetics so you don't loose any of the features.

**Some units will key over 18 watts. Approximately 13 to 18 dead key.
** I use a 74 amp power supply set to 14vdc.......no more no less.